About the Hedge Fund Calculator

Through the HedgeCo.Net database and Hedge Fund Websites platform, our team has worked with thousands of funds all over the world to create statistics and generate investor presentations. Drawing on those years of experience, the Hedge Fund Calculator was designed to work with both investors and hedge fund managers for all of their marketing and statistical needs. The convenience and ease of the Hedge Fund Calculator will make the often tedious construction of stats and documents a thing of the past.
HedgeCo Hedge Fund Calculator

The Input

The hedge fund administrator is a key component in the generation of a fund's NAV and general reporting. After the administrator provides us with the NET return, we use this number as the basis for all our calculations. All the fund manager needs to do is enter in this monthly NET return, and the Hedge Fund Calculator will effortlessly create the corresponding statistics, graphs and a final PDF.

What's more, if you use a hedge fund administrator who is a member of the HedgeCo Hedge Fund Administration Network, your NET return will be automatically entered into the Hedge Fund Calculator and your reports will be generated and sent to the hedge fund manager via email.

HedgeCo Hedge Fund Calculator

The Statistics

Our statistics package contains a large suite of statistics available for inclusion in your PDF snapshots. These include return statistics, quantitative statistics, as well as Drawdown analysis.

The standard graph collection consists of bar charts, risk/return analysis scatter plots and line charts. Our team of developers also can implement specific calculations or graphs if needed to better portray your fund's performance.

Please see the Marketing Materials page for more information about the specific statistics and graphs that are available through the Hedge Fund Calculator.

HedgeCo Hedge Fund Calculator

The Output

The Hedge Fund Calculator provides clients with report templates which they can customize through our simple user interface. Once customized, the template will be reused each time the fund generates a report. A fund manager can customize or update the report at any time.

Once the report is generated, it will be stored on the server and will be accessible online at any time. Reports can be generated as PDF or HTML.