Marketing Materials

Creating attractive marketing material is the first priority for a hedge fund. We can help you either by access to our simple yet powerfultemplates, or our marketing material design services, where we will assign one of our designers to help you create a personalized template that will be unique to your fund.

Monthly Performance Numbers

Monthly returns are the core of a hedge funds return reporting, and many times, the single most important number used in hedge fund statistics.

We can report either monthly or quarterly returns (compounded from monthly).

The fund's yearly return is also included, along with benchmark returns.
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Performance and Risk Summary

Choose from a variety of statistics to convey performance and risk.

Popular choices are annualized standard deviation, worst consecutive downdraw, kurtosis and sharpe ratio.
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Assign any number of benchmarks to your fund. You can use the benchmarks which we automatically track, or add benchmarks of your own.
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Hedge Fund Calculator
Fund Structure

This block contains any data pertaining to the operation of your fund. Fields are customizable and you may display as much or as little information as you choose.

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Graphs provide a visual way to display your returns. Choose from a variety of statistics to best portray your fund. We support multiple formats.

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Configurable Text Areas

Each of our templates contains free-form text areas which you can use to add any type of information you choose.

Common text areas include "Fund Strategy," "Disclaimer," or "Management Team," however you may use the space for whatever text you like.

Second pages can be added with a monthly "Letter to Investors."